We have released a new version (v2) of the Cohere source code.

It is available through anonymous subversion access from:


There are now four sections to the code as we have included our new Firefox Jetpack code in this release:

  1. Cohere Website (svn folder ‘cohere-website’)
  2. Cohere Firefox Plugin (svn folder ‘cohere-firefox-plugin’)
  3. Cohere Firefox Jetpack extension (svn folder ‘cohere-jetpack-extension’))
  4. Cohere Network Visualization Applet (svn folder ‘cohere-applet’)

There are more developer docs than v1 though they still need improving, so please report your issues. Each of the four sections now has its own short README.

If you have any problems, issue or questions can you please enter them into the Cohere Reporting System

The Cohere Team