Dialogue Map from the CETIS workshop‘s discussions – in 3 formats:

Web Map / Outline / XML (drag+drop this zip archive onto your Compendium window):

Migrating to support asynchronous discussion, I then uploaded the Compendium dialogue map to Cohere. I tagged all the Compendium nodes with tag cetis-2007-semantics so this is appended to every Idea’s label now — a Cohere search using this string will pull in all relevant Ideas:

View as Connection List [hyperlink]:

Embedded below using the snippet code (I can see I need to reconfigure our blog theme to display more cleanly!… bear with us):

or as Connection Net [hyperlink]:

(note we recommend Firefox for Cohere)

Anyone who’s registered could now add new connections. If you add [cetis-2007-semantics] to your Ideas, then your contributions will be included in the maps generated by the above URLs. But even if you don’t they will be there.