The Cohere website has had some new updates.

  1. Website entries can now be public or private and can be added to groups.
  2. The speed of the Network view should have improved dramatically!
  3. New Social Network view
  4. Network Searching
  5. Coming Soon

1. Website entries can now be public or private and can be added to groups.

Existing website entries have been marked as public, as this is what they effectively already where.

They have also been added to groups according to the groupings of any nodes they where associated with. This should mean that website lists in groups should stay the same.

If  you add a website through the Ideas Creator window, the website will inherit the privacy and groupings of that idea.

2. The speed of the Network view should have improved dramatically!

This should be noticable especially when working with large data sets, some of which did not even loadbefore. We have reduced the amount of data sent for each connection when the data is requested by the network view (as opposed to the connection list etc) This has lead to dramatic time improvesments. To give you an example, previously 400 connections took around 6 minutes to load, and it should now take around 17 seconds!

We have stress tested the network view with and extreme test of loading 2500 connections, which took about 5 minutes to load, and was fairly slow to use,  but worked. We don’t recommend such large views as practical in anyway, but it was very pretty!

3. New Social Network view

We recently added a new Social Network tab to the main Network view. This shows the Social Networks  within the current conection network being viewed. For example, below is a Connection network or ‘Concept Network’ for a group in Cohere, and below that you can see the related Social Network for that Group.

Each link shown in the Social Network can be clicked on to view the actually connections made between two people.

4. Network Searching

We recently added a Network Search feature incorporating and slightly expanding on the search features which where at the top of the network view page. Each node has a new right-click menu option to run a network search from that node. You can now specify more parameters for your network search, and you can also save them.

The results now appear in a new view and not as a replacement of the network view as happened before. Therefore this makes it more obvious to the user that the seach is not releated to any data they happened to be viewing at the time, but is a new search.

We will be expanding on the network search parameters, including making the parameters specifiable at each depth out from the focus node.

Coming soon!

Network search agents.

This code is nearing completion but was not quite ready for todays release.

Soon, through the new Searches Manager screen, any saved network search will be able to have an associated agent. The agent will run the network search and highlight for you any new connections / ideas added since the last time the search was run or since the agent was added, as applicable. You will also be able to request an email alert either weekly or monthly, which will run the agent for you automatically and email you any results.

You will be able to see a history of agent runs which have been made either by you or by the email alerts and view their results, through a new runs manager screen.

This feature will allow you, for example, to monitor an idea you are intersted in see if anyone connects to it.

We hope you enjoy the new features and please let us know what you think.

The Cohere Team.