This version has a new and improved clip creation and storage system. We now hold both the selected text and a path to the selection. This means you can selection non-text based page items like images to annotate against. It also means new clips created on bullet points, strange characters and other selected text which would not have been re-selectable in the previous extension, should now be easily located and re-seleced in the page.

There is now a new tab for viewing and searching Open Educational Resources (OERs). When a given page loads the OER Commons repository is searched using the keywords in the current webpage header and any results are listed. You can also select a word or phrase in the webspage and use the right-click menu to search the repository. There is also a search field into which you can type some text to search on. The resultant search result list will display the author and instituion for a given OER and a summary of its contents. In addition, you can also view any Cohere annotations entered against a listed OER as a drop-down list below the OER item.

We have added a new filter option, so you can select to see all items in a given list, or just your own.

The Cohere Menu has been relocated to the Tools menu.

The Cohere toolbar buttons for creating Ideas and Connections now create global ideas and connections not associated with the current webpage. The ideas tab now has two new button for creating ideas; one for creating an idea against the entire current webpage another for creating an idea against the current selection. The clip tab has a new button for creating a clip from the current selection. The connection tab has a new button for creating a connection. We have removed

There have been improvements in the extension layout on the Mac.

Let us know what you think.

The Cohere Team.