Cohere is developed within the OLnet Project. Part of the OLnet Project‘s mission is to investigate the socio-technical infrastructure that will assist the Open Education movement in pooling its “collective intelligence“.

OLnet seeks to advance the movement’s collective intelligence by pooling the many different layers of evidence, that currently exist in disconnected forms, on the use, reuse and unerstanding of Open Educational Resources. We are therefore considering a collective intelligence infrastructure as one way to:

  • Invite your stories, informal feedback, or formal evaluation results concerning a particular Open Educational Resource
  • Invite your inside knowledge of how the Open Educational Resource was designed (OER Design Methods)
  • Invite your experiences and insights on tackling major challenges facing the Open Education movement (OER Grand Challenges, e.g. Organisational Obstacles, Remixing, IP Clearance…)

We invite feedback on the design storyboard of the Collective Intelligence infrastructure (please watch the video embedded here below).

Questions for you are therefore…

  1. What do you think of this design storyboard?
  2. What would make these widgets ‘killer apps’ for you?
    …so that you’d want to have these on your website, e.g. as an OER educator, learner, publisher, remixer, researcher, funder…? Depending on which hat(s) you wear, you might ask yourself:
    What would I like to know about an OER before deciding to use it to learn, or teach with?
    What would I like to know about the state of the art in a given debate, before deciding whether to enter it, or fund work on it?

Many thanks,

Simon Buckingham Shum & Anna De Liddo
OLnet CI Team, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University UK