We have been talking to replace exisitng Java Applet with Flex for connection visualization for a while now. Here are some results, tell me what do you think of it and which one do you prefer.

Attempt 1. Basic experimentation. It try to present existing data in a Circuler layout. The small colored dot on the note represent the view of the idea. The Two dots on the both side of a link represents the role of that idea in the given connections. Mouse over shows the infomation hinden behind it. Mouse over a note shows the description of the note. Double click a note display Traverse the Graph.

Attempt 2. Display existing data in a ConcentricRedial layout with different link and label rendering Double click a note Bring the note to the center.


Attempt 3. Add effect on the Link .


Clearly this is a begining of adopting the Flex. there are more works need to be done. Once we have a stable version of Flex we will replace the current Java applet. So those who having problem with the Java may like to see Flex as an alternative. Watch this space.