We just released some changes to our Cohere browser plugin, so now, whilst browsing the web the new Cohere toolbar will display the ideas that are linked to the page you are currently viewing. In the example below we can see that Lila and Alexandra have created ideas linked to the ‘Learning how to learn’ course on OpenLearn:

Cohere toolbar

Selecting one of these ideas will take you directly to the Cohere site (in a new tab) so you can explore it’s relationships with other ideas.

The new toolbar also offers quick links to create new ideas and connections or to take you directly to your data in Cohere.

We have also enabled the Cohere browser plugin to work with Flock, to make the most of this functionality you’ll need to install Flock 2 beta. The plugin will work with Flock v1.2+, but not all the functions are available.