We’ve just moved beta2 to the live site. Under development for the last 6 months or so, we’ve made some quite radical changes to the architecture under the bonnet, as well as to the user interface experience. Tell us what you think!

  • The re-architected UI is more responsive, and provides more intuitive navigation and linked views of Ideas, Connections and People.
  • Groups enable you to share work with subsets of users (at the level of individual Ideas and Connections), or use them as thematic containers for your work, like a map or folder.
  • RSS feeds from, blogs, GoogleGroups, etc. can be set to update daily or on demand, so your work in other tools can be imported as Ideas+Websites more easily
  • The whole system has been rearchitected as a Web 2.0 platform, with our user interface now being just one of many possible views, operating via an API. RESTful services enable you to query and edit from other applications, using XML, JSON and RDF formats.
  • Search on People as well as Ideas/Connections
  • Ideas can now have associated times and places. Add this info if relevant to generate mashups with GoogleMaps and Simile Timelines.