We’ve received lots of positive feedback on Cohere since it’s release last November, but we still have lots up our sleeves that we’re working on behind the scenes, including new features and improvements to the site. Here’s a sneak preview of the main areas we’re working on:

  • Implementing user-groups. This was one of the most requested features, as the current site porvides limited support for small group collaboration, so we’re working on the model for how we can allow groups of users to collaborate and share their ideas & connections.
  • API & data import. We know many of you already have stacks of data you’d like to be able to import into Cohere andwe’re working on this from 2 angles, firstly a schema for being able to bulk upload/import and secondly an API to allow the creation and amending of data. The API will also allow you to create your own representation of the Cohere web of connections.
  • Improving the site usability & responsiveness. Results from our usability study show there are several areas where we can improve the usability of Cohere, and in implementing these we’re also including some tweaks to improve the speed and responsiveness of the site.
  • OpenID. We’re going to allow users to log in using their OpenID accounts, if you’re not sure what OpenID is then read more

As yet, we’ve not fixed a date for the release of these developments, but we’ll keep you all posted via this blog.