Having been released into the wild, Cohere is now starting to be tested. It’s pretty raw still, and pilot usability tests just completed have shown up confusions with novice users that will be informing an interface redesign.Cohere’s developer Michelle had her baby last month (hooray!) so will be having a well earned “break”. Meantime, KMi members Alex Little (MSG developer) and Michele Pasin (Philosurfical) have seized the baton and we’ll be updating you over the next few months on the key things we’re working on:

  • REST services API: opening up Cohere as a data platform for remote uploading, querying and editing
  • data as RDF and AIF (Argument Interchange Format)
  • improvements in interaction design and interface architecture for greater responsiveness
  • experimenting with the Flash version of PARC’s Prefuse visualization toolkit (we currently use the Java applet)
  • group permissions management